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Mr. Right is a company that was created after taking a hard look at family members struggling to get proper contractors when they needed one. As many of us have been blessed to watch our parents age, there comes a time when most of us realize that our loved ones can no longer take care of their home as they had in the past. Looking for help is time-consuming, frustrating, and nerve-wracking as you never know who will show up at the door.

We are a company designed to tackle almost anything! From the small tasks that many can’t get to or don’t have the skills to complete to the larger jobs that take multiple days to do right, we do it all!

We are the HOME MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR contract service providers you can trust! Emergency services are available 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. When we say, “Get it Done Right, Get it Done Now!” we mean every word!


Jason Jordan is the owner and founder of Mr. Right and has lived and worked in the Atlanta area since 1993. He began his career as a Real Estate agent/investor and later worked as a home builder Coweta County area. In 2007, Jason obtained his general contractor license and is now a certified level 2 carpenter. As the owner of multiple construction companies, Jason has worked with many professional contractors throughout the years! Those individuals are the contractors he uses as part of the Mr. Right team!


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